Testosterone Cypionate is a prolonged anabolic steroid that is widely used not only in medicine but also among athletes and bodybuilders. In various power sports, athletes use such a drug to increase the effectiveness of training and successful participation in competitions. Before buying Testosterone Cypionate, it is important to understand the full spectrum of the drug’s effects on the body in order to study its positive and negative effects.

What is the specificity of the drug?

What is the specificity of the drug

In its composition, the substance is almost similar to androgenic testosterone. At the same time, unlike the natural substance produced in the human body, the splitting time of the drug is slightly different. Taking into account all the individual characteristics and the physiology of the human body, the half-life of this type of testosterone is 2 weeks.

In its properties, cypionate is no different from other types and forms of steroids. Especially after the first application of the substance, the following effect can be observed:

  • instant increase in muscle tissue;
  • decrease in the proportion of fat mass in relation to the body;
  • quick recovery after great physical exertion;
  • elimination of pain and reflex nerve impulses in the joints.

Also, Testosterone Cypionate injections have a very positive effect on bone tissue and the human reproductive system. The action of the substance, like any other steroid, is aimed at normalizing the work of many systems. Including cardiovascular and intestinal. In the case of dysfunction of the immune system or problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland, cypionate is used by prescription.

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How to take Testosterone Cypionate?

How to take Testosterone Cypionate?

Before using the drug, it is important to fully study its composition and resort to the type of therapy that will give the most correct result. If the use of the drug is based on the testimony of doctors, which would be correct when introducing a hormone into the human body, then the scheme for its independent use is somewhat different.

It is impossible to determine the dose precisely, since it is recommended to start with 250 mg, but in some cases more than 700 mg are used. The course of treatment should not exceed 2-3 months. However, if the drug needs to be used for a longer period of time, then the hormone gonadotropin, which helps normalize cell synthesis, should also be introduced into the treatment.

When the drug is used, it is often combined with other equally effective substances, steroids and peptide groups in order to minimize the risk of negative effects on the body.

You can buy excipients like Testosterone Cypionate yourself at steroidmag.com. It is important to remember that side effects, like the positive result itself, depend on how well the therapy was chosen, as well as the quality of the product.